Mara Madness


Seeing Double


Here we are - on your left is Mara and on your right - Mara!

One of our friends is organizing a Mara art extravaganza: I'm going to teach jewelry-making and Mara is going to teach decoupage. Cool, eh?

Maras Unite!

p.s. this is before my haircut...


Oh, Mara(s), this is so disappointing! I can't see you, Mara, because your thingie on the right covers most of your face. Does the photo need to be compressed? Is the interface misbehaving?

Of course! after posting a comment, well, it worked just fine. Don't know . . .

Wow! Your hair grew a lot since we were there!

Not anymore!! It's mostly gone now, though not as short as I had it when I cut back in the summer of 2001 (remember - that's when I had purple highlights!).

That's so cool. if i want to find a double I have to go to a city or to a star trek convention.

There's another Mendon out there?!?!?!?

yeah, he was blue, had gills, and lived on the set of Star Trek: Next Generation. He was a steady background characters. No lines but you knew he wasn't going to die on the away missions. To your credit, Next Generation was invented AFTER I was born.

Hey, you have a whole city - not too far from where you're currently residing, actually, with your name.

Wow - I was just refused a comment due to questionable content!!!

here's part: Then again, as Mara & I recently discovered the Mara language is spoken in East Maraland, Burma.

And here's the other:

There is also the Mara River in Kenya running through the Maralands!

And I still had to delete ellipses I had at the end! Weird, eh?

yeah, i've been getting hit with the questionable content too. For my blog, since the author has complete freedom, I created a bogus comment and then edited the comment from movable type. Too much hassle to comment on my own blog.

I know that is a pain, but I think it is Nae's way of trying to filter out some of the junk that has been clogging our airways. Try to bear with it. I haven't had any trouble with it, so that qualifies me to comment, of course!

I loved that short haircut, especially with the purple highlights! It was very becoming to you.

An update, i'll make an official post later, on the three fire victims at Miami University. Stephen Smith was a forward on the MU Rugby team. He played right side second row. I was his hopeful replacement next year. He and I spent a lot of time at practices doing tackling and running drills.

Mensch, I saw that one of the victims was a rugby player and wondered if (figured that) you knew him. I was surprised at your silence on the matter. Again, lo siento. I am truly sorry.

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