Musical Revival Fest



Well, here we are at the Music Revival Fest - the first pictures taken of us with our brand new 'dos [we'd gone to the hairdresser's that day].

This was an awesome idea!! It was our friend Danielle's idea [I think she & Ginger actually did a lot of coordinating]. So, here was the deal:

She had each of us (there were 15 or so of us) bring a song that we loved, had some special significance, etc. that we wished to share.

Then we had a little form to fill out: artist, album name, song name & why we thought the song rocked.

We turned our forms in and started listening. Each song played was accompanied by a brief explanation from the person who brought it, which made you really listen because it had become personal. We had yummy food, great back rubs, good conversation ... and at the end, two new CDs a piece of all the music we brought!!!

Isn't that awesome? Wow, so awesome.

p.s. my earrings? yup, that's a pair I made!


A) I love the earrings!
B) I love Mark.
C) I love the tee-shirt.
D) I love the haircut, though it is much longer than I expected from your description
E) I love you, too.
PS. no one has commented on my new 'email' address.

Very cute, Ma :-) (I thought we weren't supposed to call you that?)

You did!?! But you all do! I thought that was my 'real' name.

Hmm, I thought that was why we called you Mama, which evolved into the much cooler Maman, until you declared your desire to return to your childhood nickname of Nannie.

Nice geek shirt: nice short hair style; nice groupies; nice smilies; nice belt-style suspenders. You all look tres kewl! For Baha'is that is! ah hahaha! NO? Yes? oui!

papa sort of a kittle bad.

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