First of all, why do people actually say that? It's 'disoriented', okay? Sorry - pet peeve. (except that somehow it's become acceptable in British English - gah!)

Anyway, what this is really about is the fact that I'm clearly confused about the day of the week.... We do our laundry every Thursday. Yesterday was Tuesday. Before we went out for dinner, I sorted the laundry so that I wouldn't have to do it when we returned from dinner - except, we don't do laundry until tomorrow. Whoops.


Don't worry Mara, Mama is the same in many things and it has not held her back any. Tho' I am not sure even she has gotten any more used to it than you are. We all have our tiny quirks. It is, after all, these things which endear us to our loved ones. Pink is a good color to knit when you are planning a family. So is blue in little things; like booties, and bims.But if you knit pot holders you must use bright colors like reds and yellows and greens. Even fuchsia is okay. Sweaters and socks are major projects so one must practice, practice, practice. Or else one mus t make jewelry and buy these knit things.
Happiness runs in a circular motion. Floating like a little boat upon the sea. You can be a part of everything anyway. All you have to do is set yourself free!


I have the same problem with the whole time/day/date thing. I had an appointment at 7:30 yesterday. Daddy and I determined that it would take me about a half an hour to get there. Then he said I should leave about 15 to find a parking spot and get to my appointment, find it and all. That made the departure time at quarter of seven. I said, okay, I can still get up at 6:30. Daddy looked surprised, but didn't say anything. I came up from my shower, dried my hair, etc. and it was only 7:00 (are you beginning to see where I am going with this?), and was all proud of myself for still having 15 minutes before I had to leave. At which point Daddy burst my bubble and said I was supposed to leave 15 minutes ago! I had made of into after! Oops! Fortunately, because Daddy doesn't feel on time unless he is early, I still had enough time. I left right away, had no trouble parking or finding where I should be and arrived at the desk at 7:29.
You come by it naturally, is the point I am making here.

Dude! All during my CELTA training to become an English teacher, I was dealing with things like "disorientated" and, get this "The audience are applauding loudly," and other examples of using verbs as if the collective nouns are plural. They're in the textbook too! But I refuse to teach them! The other day there was an exercise using "work-orientated" and "pressurised job" so I skipped it and made up my own exercise to replace it. :o)
I am so afraid of the day (which I know will definitely come at some point) when I get my days confused and end up in the wrong classroom, or worse yet, the wrong company!!!

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