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Great looking family, no? This, I assume was for Mark's father's birthday - it appears just about everyone but Mark and me were there.

Oh, and yes, that is Matthew...! Of course, he has at least one uncle that I know of who went through a similar 'skater dude' phase back when he was that age. In fact, Mark didn't stop with the long hair, noooo, he permed it too! [to his credit, he swears it was one of his brothers' idea.]


I am amazed at how the kids have grown. I am not sure I know who is who in all the couples. Marlo and Melissa on the right, next to Pat and Glenny,
Next to Joe and Trang,above Rose and Gus of course, then Gus and Sherry, next to Fred and Ashley then Matthew? I dare not attempt the children. It's just been too long away from the pack. Papa Gus looks pretty good while Rose seems so happy when all her kiddlekins are surrounding her. Avery nice family and a special photo for you and Mark. My warmest regards for everyone in this photo.

Papa Dornbrook

Yup, you got everything but the spelling of Marlowe, Sherri and Glennie correct :-)

Thanks for posting, Papa!

I find myself just a little jealous. Just a little.

I gotta' say, Ma, umm, I don't think we'll ever catch up with the Fojas clan!


Look at it this way, at least you know that the Fojas' don't seem to have any fertility issues.

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