Yehudiya National Forest



Yeah, um, so, the insect discussion was sort of making me nervous, so I'm moving on.

Last weekend we took a long, difficult hike in the Yehudiya National Forest. We walked down into a ravine (as seen here), hiked along side it until we couldn't ignore it anymore, jumped in, swam across (yes, gear and all - that's why the pic isn't great & I don't have much more to share), hiked some more, swam some more, saw beautiful waterfalls, and then, when we were exhausted, sore, and some 'slightly damaged', we had to hike back up and out.

Wow was that hard. And at one point I walked - head first - into an overhang because I was so concentrated on my footing on the rocky terrain.

But we did it and we survived. It'll be a while before I think of doing something like that again.


Wow! What a fun adventure! why on earth would you think twice before doing it again? I mean, you could have spent your weekend as I did -- gardening. Now I am not putting gardening down. Our yellow raspberries have put out side shoots, we have had a spinach salad and cooked spinach and will probably finish up the spinach today. (The weather has gotten hot and it is about to bolt) the onions are doing well; I am hoping to get some to pickle (yum!) and I tied back all the daffidils. etc, etc. Now weigh in your mind the ache, the sense of satisfaction with the day's acitvity and the amount of fun you had on each occasion. Which would you do sooner and why?

I do have a question, though. I can tell that that is you standing in the middle of the picture with your hands in your pockets, looking a lot like yourself -- except for your hair! I know it is wet and therefore probably reflecting light, but it looks Blonde!?!

It looks like a pink handkerchief. Pink, no? (Good color).

Yes, it is my trademark pink handkerchief (courtesy of my father, thank you!). Blonde hair, huh, ma? Wow - you need a new screen!

She does have a new screen! (Funny).

I was just in Mentor for the weekend and I think there screen makes everything look lighter or washed out. Perhaps an adjust to the xcreen is all that is necesary.
In other news I got the Inner Quest job and will be rock climbing and canoeing my summer days away! I'm very excited cause I get to have fun and get paid.

Well, actually, your hair did look pink, but in my wildest dreams, I couldn't imagine you dying your hair pink!
Rae -- That's terrific. I didn't even have the chance to ask you while you were in town. I am so happy for you. Don't forget your sunscreen. At least until you build a base. Good job!

I just found out today myself

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