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Our friends, Shingo and Amelia, have created a great list of some yummy places to eat in Haifa. We have our own, of course, but they've hit most of the big ones. [excluding, for example, Fresco - the best place for both pizza and gelato]

If you'd like to check it out, it's here.

I'll also take this opportunity to give my props to them. They're expecting their first child soon and have chosen to return to Australia briefly to be with family for the birth of their child. I think it's absolutely brilliant. Being with family when you're creating your own is such a high priority for me. It's like it's an animal instinct my body refuses to let my brain suppress. Granted, different people make different decisions and whatever is best for you is best for you, but I know this wasn't necessarily an easy path to choose for them. So again - my props!


Dear Mara,
Thank you so much :) I've been checking your blog every single day since I got back and have loved every single update. I feel so connected to you through your blog!! Happy anniversary to you and Mark and I'm looking forward to seeing you both and introducing the newest Ishikawa to you on my return. I am so grateful for your support, it warms my heart so much!!

Dearest Amelia, it's so nice to hear from you!! I've been reading your blog, too, and feel very connected to you through it as well!

Thanks for writing. Lots of soft and gentle caresses to that wonderful belly that is ushering in a new life!

Hi Mara!!!
Thanx for your lovely Blog entry, and link to ours!! It's funny because when I was at Mandarin, I thought gee I should do the Fresco at the same time, and perhaps I still might if I get a chance. Their Ice cream is on the top of my best ice cream list in Haifa and their pizza is also quite delicious. Thanks for keep checking our blog, and I'll be adding few more before I leave.

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