If you want more, they can be found at my Flickr site.

And now that I finally got a hold of the camera, I'm addicted, so hopefully I'll get and take more opportunities to take pictures.

All sorts of things are going on now in my life. My completely empty office is now bussling with three more people, and we're due to get more in the coming months. Now I'm trying to balance what was a whole lot of silence and alone time I had with the pleasure of actually having people around to do the work (but less alone time). Now that they're a bit trained, I am feeling less claustrophobic.

We have a CAR! It's temporary, but wow - what a difference it makes to live in this crazy heat when you've got a car. And we're doing all sorts of fun things with the car - errands we've avoided for a milennia, helping people get places, etc.

22 July was our 5th anniversary. That weekend was a total blast. Thursday evening we did our 'joint haircut' ritual, where we go to the same place and get our hair done together. Friday we stuck around Haifa and did things we have wanted to do but haven't had an opportunity. So we went to the Tikotin Japanese Museum, which is actually a fairly decent place. Small, but what they've got is very cool. That evening we had a dinner with some friends, who introduced us to some very cool pilgrims from Chicago - which is great since it looks like we'll go to Chicago (at least for a year) once we leave here. On Saturday we headed down to Herzliyya to the Chocolate Bar, had a relaxing brunch reading The Priceless Pearl and then picked up a couple who is now here translating for us for the next three weeks. All in all, a good weekend.

This weekend, the agenda: NOTHING! Also an excellent weekend.


Hey, Mara!

I love your Flickr site, too! I'm also addicted. More, more, more!

Have you checked out Rahmat's Flickr site? Way cool stuff. He lived in North Carolina for a while and it looked so relaxing. I could almost feel my cares draining away just looking at it.

- Nathan

Yes, I have! If you go to my site there should be a link under my "contacts/friends/family", I believe. He's visiting the States now - or perhaps more appropriately, he's there scouting for work.

Rahmat, I wish you the best of luck!

Wooohoooo! Coming to Chicago? That's great news. I'll be glad to have more familiar faces around.

So who were the pilgrims that you met?

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