Rain? In June? In Israel? Yeah, right...



The explanation of the photo: I'm in the center with the hot pink shirt on. We were at the home of the blond guy on the left. We were saying goodbye to Andre, a short-term French translator and Hediyeh, an Arabic translator.

My husband, aforementioned blond guy, and several other guys decided the picture taking was getting a bit out of hand (which it was, in my opinion). So they set this up as a distraction. Went up on the roof with some water and dumped it on the crowd below - and most directly on me. And that is what my oh-so-innocent husband caught on film.

Really, the picture says it all!

Below you will find most of the offenders up on the roof where the crime took place - and some of the unassuming victims-to-be!



What, no 'after' pictures?

Your hair is short again.

I must visit you, but wish to do so when the weather is not so horrible. How long will you remain?

I hear that October in Haifa is quite lovely.


It starts getting cooler in October, and it's good through April when we leave.

How much 'after' do you need to get? I'm in the midst of getting water dumped on me!

Home in April, eh? I have spring break in April. if you are home by then and interested in company let's get together. I know moving back will probably be quite exhausting. Do you know when and where you're returning?

Rae, we'll definitely have to chat about this. No details are for sure, and it's possible we'll spend time with family before we even go to our final destination, but I think we'll be in Chicago for at least our first year. When's your break?

I believe it is the 10-14th

mara! i LOVE your hair!!
what? hedi is leaving the office! she's moving def to research?
miss you
waned to put lots of stuff in the msg, but apparently my comment has questionable content.

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