Happy Birthday, Rae!



I have way too few pictures of my sister. I actually had to pilfer this off of her blog - the only other photo I had of her was one where she was stuffing her face with crepes (lovely, actually). I love this one, though - her smile, the way her hair falls, the direction of her eyes, her skin - everything!

Anywho - happy birthday to my sista'!

A big dollop of congratulations and good luck as she is just about to start her first ever teaching job! Yahoo! My sister is a teacher! (this has been pre-destined for, like, ever, so seeing her finally achieve it is so totally awesome and cool!)

As a child, school always started the week after Rachael's birthday. When, one year, it turned out that we started back to school before Rae's birthday I nearly had a heart attack. It totally set my universe into a tailspin. I mean, seriously, Rae's birthday was a sign that school was to start! Talk about sacrilege!


Mara, I remember you blogging about people thinking you and Vi looked alike. Well I think this picture of your sister looks a lot like Vi too.

Funny story:
It was Easter and we went to Gramma's for our traditional Easter celebration. Not all of the kids were with us. Nathan was in the Marines, Mara was in college. But it so happened that Mara had made it home for the weekend and Rae was the one who wasn't there, being on a trip with a friend of the family to DC. We were there for about a half an hour when Gramma (who is mentally quite sharp and totally together) addressed Mara as Rae. When I corrected her, she looked startled. She hadn't mixed their names, as I always do, but really thought it was Rae! Now, to be fair, Mara had just gotten her long hair cut much like Rae's and she was wearing her glasses not her contacts. Removing these two differences really made the resemblance remarkable. I even found myself having to look twice.

I remember that! She asked me how my preparations for prom were coming along . . . being in my final year of undergrad, I was somewhat puzzled. My grandmother had never mistaken us before - not like that!

I remember the year that schools started ON my birthday. And you thing it blew your world view to pieces!

I remember; you were so ticked!

This may indeed be the same year - it starting on your birthday and not before.

Happy Birthday Rachael!!

your sister looks just like you!!!!
i love the pic!

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