Sjona's Gettin' Hitched!


I first introduced y'all to Sjona last year. Well, well, well, much has happened since then - even unbeknownst to me [I know, shocking really]. Like she took a trip back to visit her family in Chile. Now, why would she do that?


That's because, former Spanish translator for the Universal House of Justice, Ms. Sjona B., is getting married!!!!!!!!

Congratulations, Ms. Sjona.

Dear Jason,

We, your intended's beloved friends, wish you to know - from the bottom of our hearts* - that if you inflict harm upon her in any way, shape, or form we will hunt you down. So don't. Got it? [several of us have a hunting license] :D

Greeeaaat! Well, then - party on! YAAHOO!!!

And umm, has anyone noticed that your names are rearrangements of the other's name? Freaky!

*not, however, from our bottoms


Congratulations to Sjona and Jason!

Wow! Congratulations Sjona if you're reading this. I wish the two of you every happiness.

By the way, Sjona IS reading this . . .

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