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September 14th is a Christian feast day - it marks the finding of the True Cross (in Jerusalem), by a party of Christians including St Helena, mother of the Emperor Constantine. There'll be fireworks in the Christian areas of Israel - this evening & probably tomorrow evening.

That was sent to me last night. Only, two years ago after having been here just over a month, I didn't know about this holiday so I promised I'd call my family (grandparents included). I remember my grandmother was rather concerned. Because, you see, it's not just fireworks they set off, but firecrackers, too - ones that sound like rifle shots and small bombs. Yeah, I know. I live in Israel. It's really sort of creepy. It's one of the few nights that I think "I live in Israel, and it's scary." I know it's just celebrations, but somehow it just seem so ... inappropriate. I mean, they love their fireworks - we've gotten used to that, but these sound much more like actual fighting. Why do that to yourself, you know?

There's a new orientation group that started arriving yesterday. I can't imagine - your first night here! I'd have been like, "I'm outta' here - first plane I can get!" Poor things, I hope they all had roommates to explain to them what was going on.


I just don't understand firecrackers at all, period. All that noise and not even a tiny little sparkle or flare or anything. What's the point??? Do people get an adrenaline rush or something? It's the same with horror films. I don't understand the point. Why??

I agree. I was talking to a friend of mine about the fourth of July (he has had problems with this holiday since he was very small and had traumatic reactions to fireworks). He says, "And, really, what's more American than blowing stuff up!?" I'm sure that statement can be addended and made to stretch out and cover more than just Americans.

i love the fireworks at the fourth of july.

Me too. ANd if you really want to see a multimedia firework show to dazzle you, stay late at one of the Disney Parks. They have awesome shows every night.

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