It's Official, Official, Official!


Yup, yup, yup. My replacement has been located, determined and confirmed. Yippee! This means I can leave in the spring with a clear conscience, knowing the world will not implode upon my departure :-)

Really, this is great news. This is the kind of place that runs on a shoestring budget with about 2/3 of the people they need and my position is just important enough to hurt if I don't get replaced. I'd have felt pretty bad leaving if they hadn't found my replacement.

Now they just have to find Mark's replacement, which will be no easy task. If you know any network administrators busting to try something new ... direct them our way, PUH-LEASE! (err, vital pre-requisite: being a Baha'i or wanting to be one).

P.S. to John and Natascha: you are skulking on my blog? Geesh ... really, people, I like comments. And, I'd totally forgotten that you had this address; thank goodness I wasn't any more specific last Friday than I was!


This is wonderful! Congratulations. I know this was weighing on your mind. I went to Louhelen this weekend and met a friend of Nancy's. Her name is Lacey and she is a graphic designer and she works at National (until next month). It was sort of weird. She said some thing about Liang the Lion (did I spell that right?) and I said I knew the originator. She said, you know Nancy? Yes, I met her when I visited my daughter in Haifa. Oh, says she, I thought you looked familiar. I saw your picture on Flickr. Spookie.

Hahaha! Yup, Lacey is one of my contacts on Flickr :-) And yes, it is Liang.

Congratulations! good for you!
it just makes leaving so much easier =)

This is weird.I was just surfing about Flickr today, looking through all the pictures with a Baha'i tag, and I came across Mulan--aka Nancy's-- photos, and saw you and Mark in one, and Thobeka in another, and realized I had met Nancy before, (so many people I know all in one place). I thought that was interesting and went to look at Nancy's contacts.

I saw Lacey had a Flickr account(I've known her since I moved to Chicago 4 yrs ago) and I visited Lacey's album to find out she just got married! I can't believe all the info one can learn on Flickr.

I know - I've learned a crazy amount about Chicago kids thru blogland and Flickr! I think I'll already 'know' half the people when we get there next year!

Well, when you do, say hello to Lacey for me. Tell her you are the other one in Nancy's picture. It will be fun for her to meet you.

When did Chicago become official?

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