Alanis Morrisette doesn't use Toilet Duck


Know how I know?

Well, I like to read. I'll read just about anything. Which is sort of hard being illiterate in Israel.

So I got a toilet Duck for my toilet and was installing it. The photo instructions of which were in the wrong order (and yes, I'm fully aware Hebrew goes from right to left).

But anyway, so the only thing in English, other than "Toilet Duck", were the ingredients.

Yup, you guessed it. The second ingredient in my Toilet Duck is "non-ironic surfactant" (actually, it was "non-ironic surffactant", but whatever).

I love it. I'm using non-ironic surfactants. I'm going to continue buying it just for that reason alone.


surfactant: something that adds more facts than strictly necessary.
so very sincere footnotes that you are not really interested in could be considered non-ironic surfactants.

Yes! The time for un-irony has reared its tubular notion just in time to surfact. I weep for more non-clusives as I roar with implacable psi.

Heeheehee, Sashwee's silly and Papa is . . . ironic?

I think the Ironic ran into a iceberg while journeying to the Americas. Film at eleven. Movie rights have been awarded and completion with a surprise ending will be out in the Spring of 2008.
In Scotland they think irony is an appliance.

Does anyone know what they meant? Non-ionic? No iron? Fights iron stains? I couldn't find the product when I went to the store this morning. I was going to look.

I wonder if they meant nonionic?

Uh, yeah, sorry I didn't clarify. It was supposed to be non-ionic. The next ingredient was "anionic surfactants", I believe.

My spanish book last year talked about various birds. When we eat birds, they are called fowl. The author obviously had her own opinion because she translated the word as "foul".

The only thing that I can think of when I see these 'mistakes' is that I only speak one language, and not perfectly at that. (I say forgiven-ness instead of forgiv'ness -- or some such thing. Or so I have been told. And let's not even discuss salmon.)

Mensch, we'll have plenty of fun together eating "soap" for lunch, having a "bone appetite" for pizza, and "following the orange striping" on the roads. There are some things here in English that have taken me months to figure out what they meant like the "white muse" dessert: took me forever to figure out they meant "mousse".

come see come saw.

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