Bad Joke


Bear with me. I know this is going to sound like a bad joke. But it really happened:

Two young Baha'i women were at the beach and decided to go to the bathroom.

As they approached the bathroom, two Muslim young women appeared and headed to the bathroom in front of them.

The Baha'i women, dressed only in bathing suits, noted to one another that they suddenly felt slightly underdressed - seeing as how the two Muslim women were wearing black pants, shirts and sweaters with light-colored head scarves.

Then before they knew it, the whole situation was rocked on end when they entered the bathroom to find an older Jewish woman changing completely.

You know, I respect this Jewish-Israeli culture of comfort/unconsciousness of body, but there is definitely something to be said for a degree of modesty beyond "hey, I'm in a room designated for women". [especially when there's a much larger shower/changing room right next to the bathroom.

In any case, WOW, major culture clash!


I am one of those women who change in the locker room without shame. I think it comes from my time at Ursuline- changing in the locker room with retired nuns.

Rae, I get changing in a locker room (though I'd still go into a stall, if it exists to change underwear). But there was a changing room right next to the small, cramped bathroom (where basically no one could not be forced to walk right past her)!

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