I like my pharmacist. He makes me smile. I like having a pharmacist. To me it is a great sign of me belonging. When he pauses to talk to me, letting the other people wait until he finishes, it makes me so happy - to me it's like a big neon sign above me: this girl belongs here!

He recognizes me, knowing what I am coming in for before I even get in the shop. He has taught me practically all the Hebrew I know. He tells me about the lectures on the Baha'i Faith that he attends at the university here. Recently, when the Kitab-i-Aqdas was translated into Hebrew by the Chair for Baha'i Studies at Hebrew University in Jerusalem, he proudly pulled out his copy to show me how beautiful it was, to explain why he appreciated the language so much, how well done the translation was....

And tonight, after promising me a 3 month supply of my medications by tomorrow evening (just in case), he told me he had a famous Jewish prayer that was excellent for healing (apparently they've done studies on how effective this prayer is!). So he is going to translate it for me and give it to me tomorrow.

I think that is so kind. All the other things I know he could do for anyone, just good business. This, to me, is going beyond that. I mean, I could probably just Google it. But why would I?

You know, I don't even know his name.


WoW! wow. wow . . .
Please share the prayer when you get it.

and find out his name. And thank him from me, please. I did actually go in with you when I was there.

How much do names matter? To you, to others? We ignore them quite a bit. Everyone's "bad with names." We can become very bonded to a person without knowing their name. But, when someone remembers our name, we feel special. Is that because of the name, or because of the effort? I think of this, sometimes. I don't quite understand it.

Oh, but names matter to Mendon. Call him Mensch without permission. . .Whew! You should hear him whine. (or shouldn't).

I think names matter a lot. They did to my mother, too. You know how many African Americans have unusual names? And how many European Americans are dismissive of their names and can't be bothered to make the effort to get it right? Well, that is why names are important to me. Well, one reason, anyway. It talks about making the effort to connect, to remember.

His name is Isaac (pronounced "ee-zahk", of course). I knew that. Really, I did. It's just been a while.

Lovely story, and good name. As far as I remember it means "one who laughs".

Hey, Mara, thank him from me for the prayer. I am so touched. You know, there are people on 4 continents praying for me (Asia, N. America, S. America and Europe.) How can we add Africa? Wouldn't that be fun? And sort of related to the six degrees of Bacon, but not quite. I think Australia might be too far away. I can't think of any connections there. How about V and her family? Does V know?

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