A TCK is a "third culture kid" - both children and adults.

If you grew up spending time in more than one country or culture, you may just want to find out more about how your quirks and how you never really fit in anywhere is similar to all the other kids around the world who did the same.

I'm reading a book: Third Culture Kids, and I can think of a number of my family and friends who would be able to relate to this. Whether you actually lived in a country different from the one your parents called "home" or you were simply raised differently enough to feel like you lived in a foreign country, this book is worth the read.

This is, in essence, our future. The world is only getting smaller, and with Australians marrying Nigerians, Bolivians marrying Americans, Iranians marrying Japanese, etc. more and more children are going to find themselves in this situation of "so, which culture is mine?"

What's wonderful is what the book has said, at least so far: that these kids can find a sense of belonging by viewing themselves as people who can help make change happen. As a future parent, it's wonderful guidance on how to help shape my children's identity. Even if they don't relate to the society around them as 'the norm', if they understand that their 'place' is to be different, then they can be comfortable in many places.

[Warning: Easier said than done.]

So, yes, Char and Danio, I think you should find a copy of this book and read it. :-)


I just opened a shop dedicated to TCKs

Please check it out and pass the word on.

I treat many people who are foreign to our culture here in the States. We study the culture of dying in an "Emapathic Caregiving course". We are hoping to gain the understanding of how different cultures not only view death and dying but how we can function appropriately in our health settings for their benefit and comfort. As our world shrinks in being near neighbors and new friends there are lots of ways to improve relations and just plain enjoy each other. I encourage all of you to do you utmost to recreate and establish this new worlwide culture which is developing now!

Charlotte and I just got it in the mail today! We'll get back with you as we familiarize ourselves (I feel like a star, being mentioned thus on your weblo!)

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