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edit: the photo link now works

Alright, folks, if you want to waste an hour looking at wedding pictures of someone you may, or may not, know you can find some of the photos that Mark took for Mendon and Kristen's wedding here.

Just a note: the first photo is a daughter of a friend of ours really enjoying her cereal. :-)

And now, an update on my mother. We now have the results of the pathology. Briefly, the tumor was on the tail of her pancreas. It was blocking the splenic (sp?) vein, making it rough for blood to get out of the spleen. Tumors are apparently sticky, so part of her small bowel stuck to it, which was why that part had to be removed. Anyway, all margins were clean except the one around the kidney they removed.

So, stage 3 cancer - no metastatic disease. I'll let you decode that. Chance of diabetes is low.

She begins chemotherapy in 2 weeks and it goes on for 8 weeks, then 5 weeks of chemo and radiation with another round of 8 weeks of chemotherapy to finish up.

I'm here for questions.

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