Heidi (and Kristen and Mendon)


Heidi is my hero. Our family owes her an unrepayable debt of gratitude.

Photo 17.jpg

Heidi is a wonderful friend, has been my mother's travel companion, and they have been mistaken for sisters and lovers both (hehehe - different circles). Anyway, she is an ICU nurse. She came over today and finally was able to help us figure out how to really help my mother recover. My God, it is such a relief. My mom says she feels like she turned a corner. That's not really true: we all feel like we turned a corner today. Today didn't start out so good, but damn, it feels good. It was a good day. And another trooper of a woman brought over enough pasta (finally! not soup!) for an army. Woohoo.

And then to end the evening I picked up Mendon and his fiancee, Kristen from the bus station. Here are they're pictures. Oh, and I've added another element: GRR photos. Just for you, Val! :-)

Photo 18.jpg
Photo 22.jpg
Photo 24.jpg
Photo 27.jpg
Photo 30.jpg
Photo 31.jpg

How do I spell relief? P-H-O-T-O-B-O-O-T-H!!!


How bout a pic of Nathan and you!


If I weren't at work I'd be clapping my hands right now, as it is, I'm just smiling REALLY big.

Hurray for the Grrrs!

These pictures are so TOTALLY SWEET!
Great to hear things are going well with Stephanie also! I am happy!

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