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My 'husb', as one of my one of my friend's says, arrived last week. Ah, what a refresher.

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*^~hello foji,

this is leila speaking with her clogged-up voice. i miss you lots, mainly because i haven't had anyone with whom to share some of the wicked fun stuff that happens up here on the 3rd floor - if you know what i mean - and also because i've been contaminating your house with my disease the past 4 days. i'll have to ajax it like the wind so you don't become bugged yourselves.

so so swell to read and see your creativeness and happiness. i love these photos especially. your family, especially maramoush and ma, are in my prayers in the Shrines, and then thoughts of my own mum and her poor knee blend in as well. i hope you don't mind.

chef is quite a determined friend of mine now, and i'm appropriately thankful that his body is a different colour from his head, otherwise, since they are roughly the same size, i wouldn't know which end was which. noises from his head have also been echoing those that mine makes, recently at least.

alrighty. i've been sleeping on the couch and burning my hand on the oven; other than that, i think we could be the same person.

love you lots girl and husb.

love from leila

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