Can't Fight It


Somethings are just too bizarrely irresistable. Like this. I mean, my immediate reaction was, "you actually take the time to not only do this, but to blog about it, too?" And yet, it's so curious, I felt compelled not only to read on, but to share it with you.

Somehow, I don't think I'll be that sort of mother (no offense to those who are - Lord love you - it just ain't me and I know it).


Yeah, thanks, but little schmoo is just going to have to make his own lunch. Thanks very much.

I always wonder where people get time to blog, but it's probably by not being lazy. They blog while drinking their tea instead of sinking into a comfortable couch for ten minutes.

I've been doing it instead of sleeping.

I wish I had time to cook more. When I do have time I find I have nothing in my house to cook because all that stuff is perishable- so I basically have bachelor food all the time.

If you enjoy that blog..
make sure to check this one out.. although it's written in Japanese, it speaks plenty about love Japanese people have for their Lunch box.


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