Inappropriate Weblog Templates


a.k.a. My Brief Flirtation With Girliness

Okay, so it's not like this template is inappropriate, there's just about, oh, no aspect of it, that conveys my personality to the reader.

However, I think my mom would like it. Maman, being the knitter that you are, I think you'd like this template. What do you think?


Weeeell, actually, I thought about this one, but decided not to go with it because I don't have a knitting blog.

I think it suits your title a bit though.

I was like, "wait. Which blog did I click on again? Is this one of those error messages?" Not that, you know, you should feel that you don't have the space to experiment with girliness if the fancy strikes you. I affirm your freedom to do so.

Exactly, Sashwee, exactly. I'm going to have to post again before I change this template, otherwise no one will get this entry!

Note: I have since changed my template, so sorry.

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