Working on a Sunday

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It's so normal to me now, I forget sometimes that I'm "working on a Sunday" and what that means to people who are not living in Israel.

Here, it is the beginning of the work week, so we start on Sundays. I do not, however, work on Fridays. Or, at least, most of them. I work 2 Friday mornings a month. Not bad, though I do definitely enjoy my two day weekends when I get them!

So, here's me working on a Sunday. And it means exactly the same to me as it does to you to go to "work on Monday".

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yeah, so when you have a friday off you are really starting your weekend somewhere around thursday morning for us here in the states! It's kind of a bear to think, man, mara is off right now. And it's not all that comforting to know that you're working during my weekend!

Aha! So that's why you're working on a Sunday! Now I understand.

I'm sorry I didn't get back to you until now; Ingrida and I were busy until just now. I proffer my apologies unreservedly.

No worries! (as I was working)

Yeah, when you popped up on MSN, I was thinking 'it's 4:30 for him, isn't he at work? - wait, Ingrida? - is he not working anymore? - what's going on? - oh, Sunday!' Hahahaha!

Oh, I could make a whole entry just about stupid stuff I've done lately. Just, like, you know, in the last 7 days. Showed up somewhere a week in advance for a dinner party. Tried to pay someone with my cell phone number instead of my bank account number. You know, stuff like that. . . .

Nae, you deleted my friend Leila's comment. . .

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