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I believe it would be downright criminal not to publish this photo. It would be misinformation. You see, I know full well that you think we've gone all holy on you, giving up a life of chasing the dollar to devote ourselves to the divine and sacred.

Well, there are still weekends, you know.


Here, Mark is "helping set up" for the largest social event of the year at the Baha'i World Centre - the Arts and Crafts Show. He was setting up the cafe - or so he says. We both helped set up the gallery of artwork. Mark helped work the kitchen of the cafe the day of, and I submitted jewelry for the show. Mark helped clean up afterward (he's on the organizing committee), while I dashed off to Tel Aviv to pick a friend up from the airport, as we had been borrowing his car while he was on vacation.

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What's that he's got on his head?

Ummm, I think it's one of the strips of cloth that, tied with a bunch of other strips were used as center pieces and wall-hangings.

Let's face it. It's a dirty sock.

yikes. but wow. i can't believe shaun and i missed the arts and crafts show AND ayyam-i-ha AND the first days of the Fast in Haifa. thank you, mara, for giving us an unbiased insight into mark's personality.

lvoe from leila

I am sooooo sorry he stepped on that thing! Look at his pain!!!!Hear his pain!!!!!! someone help him!!!!!! Oh did he intend to do that? oooooH...........

How DID I know that he wasn't wearing his shoes?
Love the photo!

an accurate perception of my perceptions.

Here's a funny quote to make you smile :)
Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups. :)

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