We're Going Camping!

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I am so, so, so excited! We're going camping this weekend. I'm just thrilled at the prospect of a bit of a change. Mark and I have been in a bit of a funk lately, just no energy to do much of anything - and getting out of town is exactly what we want to do.

Mark and I have never gone camping together before. I come from a family of hard core campers - I've dug my own latrines. Mark's camping experience, well, let's just say I'm hoping to introduce him to proper camping. [Rae, you were with him at the camp-out at the Columbus Baha'i Center. I heard it involved him bringing only a spray bottle of olive oil as his 'gear'?]

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I am hoping you will be careful in that wind tunnel you are living in. And be sure to have enough water, and blankets for the cold nites in the desert or forest. Other than that have heaps of fun with nature trails and such. Also remember to go to the highest viewpoint and look at where you are and what's around you. My old bones are a bit jealous but not too much!

A spray bottle of Olive Oil? Hmmmm...it sounds like he forgot to bring tomato, basil, and baby mozzarella to give the mosquitos as an appetizer before they got down into some tasty Mark, lightly coated with olive oil, of course.

Mendon: I'm trying to imagine what a person would do with olive oil camping out.
Kristen: Cook!
Mendon: Hotdogs?

Heheh. We had loads of fun - and we did use olive oil (we had salmon for dinner). It involved loads of doing not much. Our campsite was right next to a bubbling brook (via an aqueduct) which meant we couldn't hear most of the antics of the 50 youth camping on the other side of the bubbling brook. (phew!) We took hikes, read stories around the campfire, lounged, and checked out Bethsaida - ruins of a city - which is part of the park. Yummy fun! We were all up so early, to eat breakfast before the sun came up that we kept looking at our watches and saying "is it really on 10 am?!" when it felt more like 3 in the afternoon. Pictures will, eventually, follow. We're selling our Powerbook tomorrow (we have recently acquired an indigo iMac - remember the colored iMacs?), so it may take a while. And yes, I'm over the moon that I now own a blue computer!!!! We've named the hard drive 'Montoya'. You know, Indigo Montoya - heheheheh.

To be fair to Mark- we were camping out in the field of a building where we wer allowed inside. It wasn't real camping!

Thanks, I learned a lot for myself.

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