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To My Nieces and Nephews

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If I could
I would mail this ice cream
- Or maybe frozen yogurt? -
Just to you.

It might be ice cream,
But I think it's frozen yogurt,
Which is better -
In my humble* opinion.

One is star-shaped
And sprinkled with Pop Rocks
- Yes! It pops in your mouth!

Another has bubble gum
As its popsicle stick.

I haven't tried
A third kind
But it's shaped like a slice
Of watermelon!

*that's French for "humble"

Today, Saturday, my father is graduating from Lakeland Community College, receiving his associate's of applied science in Respiratory Therapy. Last week, he was awarded Lakeland's Outstanding Student in Respiratory Therapy award.

This was not totally unexpected from our father, considering his study habits :-)

However, what was unexpected was my mother's pancreatic cancer. 6 months ago today, I was sitting in a hospital room watching - hoping my mother was recovering from surgery. Relieved that they'd even operated. So my father has done the last 1/4 of his degree in the shadow of this beast. Now, that makes his accomplishments outstanding. And we know the award ain't no pity award, he worked his arse off for it and deserves every inch of that plaque. Without cancer, we would have been surprised if my dad hadn't gotten these accomplishments. Now, for me, it's another small miracle of life that my father hung in there.

To make it extra, extra special, my mother works at the aforementioned College. They are giving her the honor of awarding my father his diploma! Now if that isn't a Lifetime Special just waiting to happen, what is?

Ah yes, tomorrow. Tomorrow is Mother's Day in the States. Maman, I hope life is sweet for you tomorrow as you look over your life and what you have accomplished thus far. You inspire us to do great things - today is a little bit of the proof of that. You've taught us to do great things. You've encouraged us to be great people. Everything good we have and do and give in life, that's you. This may be one of my most special Mother's Days, as I have learned so much about you - and me - this past year. Living up to my potential, that is how I celebrate you - every day of my life.

Another Mother's Day with you here to hear my "thank you". That's good enough for me.

Sitting in Israel, as I am, trying to find a simple, basic bread recipe, I want to tear my hair out. Seriously, people, S-I-M-P-L-E and B-A-S-I-C. That does not include evaporated milk, two days, potato flakes or a bread machine. Yeesh.

And seeing as how I'm 7 hours ahead of my mother, I don't think she'd appreciate a phone call at 3 a.m. for a bread recipe. Which is, um, what I'd normally do. She's begged us to look for good recipe software for her before, so here it is - what my research has yielded. Maman, I hope this helps. I can't live without your recipe brain for much longer.

Seeing as how you have an iMac now, your software must be Mac-compatible, so I checked out what people were saying about what was available (MacRumors).

MacGourmet, Cook's Books and Connoisseur all got approvals, in that order. (on Version Tracker (scroll down), there was a review in this order: Connoisseur, Cook's Books and then MacGourmet)

Mastercook and Cookware got big no, no, nos. (I think Mastercook only runs on older Macs, in fact). Cookware got blasted for small font, which I imagine you wouldn't like either.

They can all be downloaded for free in order to test them, but all must eventually be bought for about the price of a cookbook.

Connoisseur is $20 and comes with a mere 50 recipes - 'cause I know you don't want a ton of recipes you'll never use!

A Cook's Books Beta version is $25 and version 1.0 "will cost?" $39.95. Whatever - I think only beta is currently available and people seem to be raving about. It also comes with few recipes.

MacGourmet is $24.95 and comes with ZERO recipes.

They all look to be really good. I think if you demo them all you'll probably discover which one has or does not have the quirks you prefer. Let me know how it goes!

Oh, and remember: the most important feature is being able to share your recipes with your children!!!!!! (I suspect MacGourmet is the least friendly about this, but check for yourself)


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A Few Things That Have Made Me Happy Today:

1. The raging migraine I've been battling for a week seems to have faded today. I didn't even take my morning dose of 'attack-only' meds. Phew. I thought I was going to have to kill something soon.... (if you haven't had a migraine ever, don't judge me).

2. I cleaned out the bedroom. Of everything. So when the workers come (ahem, ahem!), it is ready to be repaired. And know what? This means I am Wonder Woman. Know why? 'Cause I fit everything - and I mean everything - into our much smaller spare bedroom. And the spare bedroom still has room to move, is orderly and tidy. I previously did not think it possible. Props to Papa for teaching me how to streamline. (unless I'm just mis-remembering)

3. I think we're on a path that may actually lead to the workers coming to our house some time in the foreseeable future. That knowledge alone brings relief to my migraine.

4. I happened on to a blog the other day (via one of the dear hubby's geek blogs, no less), called Inspire Me Thursday. It is two artists, young women about my age (yes, I still consider myself young), who simply offer some creative inspiration once a week to anyone who'd like to participate - no competition, no judges, just sharing art. And know what? It is inspiring! These women are inspiring. Their lives resonate with mine (and they have cute kids). And I am enjoying checking out the artists who have participated. Gets me thinking about my jewelry. I just had to pack it all up (see #2), but I need to think about a direction for my jewelry and this is definitely getting me to think.

Unrelated sidenote: having grown up without red M & M's, I find myself afraid of them - that they'll make me sick, not just 'give me cancer' sick, but migraines, for example. No fear of the other colors, but I leave the red M & M's to the very last and then I only eat them begrudgingly. Heheheh...quirks.

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