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Thank You

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Recently, as many of you know, Mark and I have been through some tough times - getting our butts kicked, so to speak. We had mold in our flat, had to move, both of us got quite sick [not to mention other stressors affecting our lives at the moment] - and we are just now getting to the point of spending time recovering.

As low as the lows got, the people who surrounded us with love, support - championning our cause, dinner, packing, cleaning, moving, unpacking, cleaning some more, laughs - showed us the peaks of capacity for humans to love and care for each other.

I have thanked many - those who kept us sane in the midst of insanity - but in case I missed you, please know how much you mean to us, from the bottom of our hearts [Sjona, I'm not going there... :-) ]

We are humbled by your friendship. Thank you.


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I've realized something.

Apparently, French-speakers (and I suspect others are the same), write poems for their mothers twice in their life time: at Mother's Day or on their deathbed (nice guys, real nice).

I just had an urge to post a poem, in French, for my mother. They were all ... sort of depressing.

I'll just post this brief excerpt from one of the better ones, written by 'Patrick':

Si tu savais...
Tout ce que tu m'inspires
Tous ces beaux sourires
Quel bel ange tu fais.


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We got our tickets for Scotland - yay! I'm very excited about vacation, clean air and cool temperatures.

We leave Saturday and will be there for two weeks. What are we planning to do, you ask? Nothing. Glorious Nothing.

[well, okay, we do hope to see Liam for a wee bit, but then, Liam's pretty good at doing Nothing himself]

Mitzpe Ramon & Kiryat Tivon

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I'll write more later, but we went to Mitzpe Ramon this weekend. It is the largest crater in Israel. It is in the Negev desert, and it is not from an asteroid.

Fojalicious has a few pictures up.

He also has pictures up from our friend Ania's birthday party, which served as an excellent excuse for Mark to take photos of little tykes. It was in Kiryat Tivon, a suburb if you will, of Haifa. The photos will make the most sense to you if you click on his 'Kiryat Tivon' and 'Mitspe Ramon' slideshows. Make sure to check out Layla Lee's love for water in the Kiryat Tivon series!!!

Edit: Mark has updated his Flickr account and added "Ania Taller" as a set. They are photos that our friend Ania took. That's where you'll find more Kiryat Tivon/Bet Shearim pictures and the Layla Lee water series. Enjoy! [p.s. feel free to comment on his photos - he loves comments!]

Photo Booth Addict

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I just can't help myself.

Sometimes I feel brutish.

Photo 37.jpg

And sometimes, Mark is an alien.

Photo 15.jpg

Leili, this is an order: Get out of my head! (Mark! Help me out here!)

Photo 41.jpg

People have said that I eat like a bird before. Do birds eat Filipinos? (heheheh...)

Photo 63.jpg

Girls, this is what can happen when you kiss boys.

Photo 70.jpg

Get a load of my man's muscles!!

Photo 80.jpg

Nothing but capris.

Photo 72.jpg

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