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Recently, as many of you know, Mark and I have been through some tough times - getting our butts kicked, so to speak. We had mold in our flat, had to move, both of us got quite sick [not to mention other stressors affecting our lives at the moment] - and we are just now getting to the point of spending time recovering.

As low as the lows got, the people who surrounded us with love, support - championning our cause, dinner, packing, cleaning, moving, unpacking, cleaning some more, laughs - showed us the peaks of capacity for humans to love and care for each other.

I have thanked many - those who kept us sane in the midst of insanity - but in case I missed you, please know how much you mean to us, from the bottom of our hearts [Sjona, I'm not going there... :-) ]

We are humbled by your friendship. Thank you.

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I am reading the news about the situation israel-lebanon and the rocket that just hit Haifa...
It says there are no casualties and I hope everyone is okay.
send my love to everyone and I am glad that you and mark are going through the recovery phase:)

even my community in abq knows about those "thank yous"

I'm not currently in Haifa (we're in Scotland, and will be there another week). I will definitely convey your love to all.

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