Not in Haifa

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I am deeply conflicted about not being in Haifa right now. We just happened to go on vacation 2 weeks before the first rocket attack in Haifa, and then due to a brief trip to the hospital for Mark (he is fine, it wasn't serious and it is all resolved - let's leave it at that) we extended our stay (the doctors wanted to be sure). Now that it has 'gone up a notch', as Ron Burgundy would say, we have now further extended our stay.

Not that I'm not enjoying Edinburgh; I love Edinburgh. (erg, I had this all eloquently in my mind last night...sigh) In any case, a part of me wishes I was in Haifa, while another part is relieved that I am not. However, the part of me that is relieved feels a bit ashamed, considering what all of my friends are going through back in Haifa.

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I know exactly what you mean.

When all the BS kicked off in Afghanistan and then Iraq, I felt the same way. I was like: I should be there, with the Marines.

They're suffering and I should be there to lighten the load, shoulder a burden, carry a torch.

And it's a family characteristic that we're good in the clutch, when the chips are down. We're also good at war, at least on the Dornbrook side. Always have been. Grampa's family history research, for what it's worth, had some Dornbrooks sacking Rome in the 5th century. That sounds like us.

The De Seze aren't slouches when it comes to this sort of thing, either; Raymond defended the crown during the French summer of terror and left to Chateau d'Eyran only after Robspierre butchered the judges and set up a kangaroo court.

It makes sense that you want to go.

I don't want you to go. I want you to stay in Edinburgh, either until it blows over or until you can get your stuff to Edinburgh. It's a war zone. Haifa is getting shelled every day. The biggest single improvement in anyone's life in Haifa is going to be when Hezbollah stop shelling. If you think you can accomplish that, then you should go back.

If you can't, then you should wait until the shelling stops.

Thanks, Nae. I was sort of afraid you were sick of having us at your flat.

Hi there!

Don't worry, we're OK, keeping safe. It's not nearly as bad as it looks on the telly.

Glad to hear you're enjoying your holiday. By the way, if you go to any more French markets in the near future, we're dying for some good proper Camembert here!

Thanks, John. Let me know if you want me to do some work from here - translating, proofreading, whatever.


we are fine.o.fine. us baha'is know how to keep our heads down when we're asked to. and should anything change, we'll know about it, too.

it's no fun with the sirens interrupting work, and sometimes the rockets hit a leetle too close, but look! the sun rises, sumptuous serene, and we go to work and we're all together with lvoe and prayers! we are being funny for each other, and very community-y.

sam left last night, and it feels better to me.

i just know i'm going to be twitchy for a long time about big noises, that's all.

and it's sad. poor lebanon. poor israel. poor humanity, behaving like this.

God bless you all,
love from leila

Leila, Darling.
You sound a lot like I did when people would ask me how I was doing while I was in the throes of battling pancreatic cancer.

Oh my gosh, Ma, you're right! I'm totally doing the "you-who-are-in-danger-need-to-reassure-ME" routine!!! My immediate apologies to all involved.

Body Armor are so vital. I have a wife to provide for. Safety first.

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WOW!!! Love your site, I have been here a few times now and I really enjoy reading it.

I have learnt so much just from the posts I have read today. You are now bookmarked and I will be back :-)


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