One of the Deadly Sins?

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I'm pretty sure making your grandmother cry is right up there with, say, gluttony. Or avarice.

Anyway, it sure felt that way. I can understand the attraction to losing contact with your family. It's easier to make threatening life decisions because you have no idea how they impact the people who love and care about you more than anything in the world.


It does put some things into perspective for me. Not that I'll discuss those perspectives. But it was good for me.

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Mara, what did you do?!?!? You made Gramma cry? That just doesn't sound like you. I know you are getting antsy, being a refugee, but really.

I bet you could find some wool and knitting needles in Edinburgh, if you need a hobby.

oh Mara, i think making your grandma cry has a rank of it's own, waaaay higher up than all of the deadly sins ....

:) :)

I really didn't have to do much. I just told her it was me. YOU told me to call her! (just kidding - guilt transference, heheheh)

Yeah, we were joking that, as refugees go, we've got it pretty good. I could definitely find wool and knitting needles - I probably need to be reminded how to cast on again though. See, I really need to live closer to some good fellow knitters to feel compelled to keep trying. My second scarf attempt just got boring, so it's sitting at 'home' half done, knowing that it's lot will be to be completely unravelled, at best.

We are all relieved that you are in Scotland and not Israel. I can understand your guilt though. I am usually the person who stands around feeling guilty because everyone around feels guilty and I don't - so I feel guilty for not feeling guilt! I find myself allowing day dreams of us as sisters spending real time together again - even if it is not really until next summer.

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