Homemade Applesauce

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Last night, Mark and I made applesauce.

Just so you know, to me, homemade applesauce is better than chocolate. I *heart* homemade applesauce. And the very, very best is that first bowl hot off the stove top.

I first made my return to homemade applesauce when I went back to parents' place last November to be with my mother through her surgery and recovery therefrom. It was one of the foods she could, and would, eat. Because it is so good, we couldn't keep our hands off of it, so I was literally making applesauce every day - sometimes twice daily. Yeah, it's that good. Good thing apples are native to our neck of the woods!

Once I returned to Haifa, I was hooked. I craved the homemade applesauce. However, I lacked a food mill, which meant I had to peel and de-seed all of the apples prior to cooking them. Hello, labor intensive! I only did that once or twice.

Then, in a most mysterious fashion, when we moved to our new flat a food mill suddenly appeared on our table. Happiness!

We've been away for a while, but now we're back - and thoroughly enjoying the fruits of our labors!

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I've gotten so bad about homemade apple sauce that I refuse to eat commercially made stuff. It is sort of like eating soft white bread. No thank you. I'm just not that hungry.

I agree. Especially when one has a food mill, which makes the whole process about as difficult as boiling water.

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