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Anyone, particularly female anyones, within about 10 years of my age, remembers these fabulous shoes from her childhood.

You might have noticed a recent renaissance of these wonderful waterproof summer shoes. They were the shoes that were so cheap, I could buy myself 3 pairs with my babysitting money from just one evening. They ran about US$5 a pair. Really expensive ones might be $6.99.

Whehehehehelll! I tell you. Haven't times changed. I know inflation happens, but I just saw a pair of jellies - mind you they had rhinestones, but I'm pretty sure they were just rhinestones - that cost...I kid you not...£69.99. Yeah. That's ££££. Not $$$$. In US$ that is roughly $120. Give or take a few bucks. Seriously. No joke. Who BUYS that?! Who are they kidding?! I can not imagine a point of wealth that would not see that as, well, unholy!!!

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i CAN'T believe it. jellies are hurtful, too! we had them in saudi, and i BEGGED for a pair, but in the heat they made my feet sweat and cut blisters and blood into the skin. i carried on wearing them, obviously, but nowadays i wouldn't pay 70 p. for them, let alone 70 pound.


pictures, please, pictures. when i was in amsterdam this time last year i saw wellies that cost as much as your jellies. they may have had butterflies on them, but they were still wellies---and ALL the rage.

love love,

I too remember these fantastic shoes. I even got them in heels in junior high or high school. Not the recent stillettos that are in style but the real chunky hefty ones. I think Alana got them too. They totally rocked!

I had a love/hate relationship with these shoes. Make no mistake, I never wore them -- wouldn't be caught dead in them. But they were inexpensive and the girls loved them. (Especially the ones with glitter in the plastic!) Disposable shoes. By the end of the summer they were trash anyway, but at the price, who cared? But they would break and were flimsy and they made your feet sweat but let in the dirt, so your feet would be utterly filthy at the end of the day. Sandals also let the dirt in, but were airy enough that the sweat would evaporate so the dirt didn't stick as thoroughly. And it seemed that they cut into your tender feet and hurt, but you loved them anyway.

Okay, I might have liked the sparkly ones, but the pair I remember adoring were blue (duh!). Blue the color of our Subaru - that has always been my mark of how good a blue it was, how it compared to the Subaru. They were slingback jellies, which was just oh-so-sophisticated to my 10-year-old mind.

And yes there were times when they were uncomfortable and yes I wore them anyway and no that doesn't mean I'll be able to make the leap and understand why my children will be slaves to fashion when they are 10.

I love dressing up for my husband. Dressing up in my sexy lingerie always makes me feel sexy and really turns my husband on. Unfortunately, we tend to not get much sleep when I play dress up. :-)

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