I Hate Kafka

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I am deeply convinced that if I'd never read Kafka I would not have been up half the night freaked out about having seen a cockroach, and dreaming about them the other half.

I could have packed my bags and left right then.

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Kafka or no Kafka roaches are nasty critters. I killed and then drowned a 3 1/2" one in our office the other week.
The ladies were not amused. I just laughed at them and squished it and then dunked it in a cup of water for a long time to make sure. I have seen a lot of thingies when I was roofing and siding. Roaches are one of the nicer ones. Bat guano is one of the worst with things growing in and on it. Disgusting really. These are not worth losing sleep over. Since God made them, there must be at least one good thing you can find there. Maybe that God made them is it!? Not much else eh?

Excuse me, but, EUWWWWW!

Maman, do you know when I read Kafka? It was while sitting in that completely unpopulated waiting room of the Kit-Kat munching snot of a doctor that was supposed to do my pre-college physical, but who was apparently too busy with her damn Kit-Kat to see me, even though I was the only one in the waiting room. And THEN, after an hour of waiting in the waiting room, I finished the story in a holding cell for another 15 minutes. At which point, I figured that if I had time to finish "Metamorphosis", then she certainly had taken too long to see me, and I walked out - in tears, I was so frustrated. And then, the self-centered incompetent nincompoop had her assistant call you to tell you I was rude and no longer welcome at the office.

Wow, I worked so very, very, very hard not to call that woman the most appropriate term I can think of for her. I felt very vindicated when she got run out of Mentor.

wow. That's really all I have. "Wow". ;)

If it feels any better, I personally fired her, too. I had been going to her as I was shopping for a gp. I wasn't totally happy with her, but henh (insert shrug of the shoulder here). When she told me not to worry about the low white blood cell count and the hemotologist had already told me it was a concern, I looked for someone else.

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