Pregnancy is all about development. My development as well as the growth of this extra spinal column I'm incubating inside of me. (Don't ask me why, but seeing the spinal column on the ultrasound was the most moving thing for me - not head, arms, legs, whatever else.)

Anyhew, I'm 15 weeks today. Which means that my baby is supposed to be roughly 4 inches/10 centimeters. However, as of Tuesday (that last ultrasound I posted), the baby was already 11.5 cm, or 4.5 inches. I measured this and figured out that the baby is larger than my palm (my real hand palm here, not my Palm Pilot, folks), and is quite possibly already up to 12 cm.

I can't quite explain it, but the more 'real-life size' the baby gets, the more real-to-life it gets for me that this is all happening inside of me. (obviously, I have a way to go!)


Mara's having a spiiinnne! Mara's having a spiiiinnne!

I'm glad it's so big already. I was worried for the little one considering how sick you were for so long.

Fortunately, in those first few months the baby gets most of what it needs from my hormones, not my food. Now it becomes more important, but I'm still not "eating for two" - more like eating for one and 1/4. :-)

Which is why it's such a super-child and already 4.5 inches (?) !

I'm so joyed to hear and see these updates from you. Thank you for sharing.

I thinK I am starting to hope it's a boy! Could they have misjudged the age?

Why do think it might be a boy? Aren't you an
Amazoni from Mentor Ohio, born in the Falkland Islands,
raised by bighorn sheep for first two years of your life and
educated in the state of multi-universal colleges around the world?
I imagine first time parents are pretty much clueless on a lot of counts.
All the education in the world kind of disregards this arena of life or else it overwhelms us with realities.
Mama's know best usually....unless they don't....4.5 inches is pretty small to me.
What's normal here? Does anybody know?

I think we should just call it "Mini Me".

ha ha ha ha !

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