Not That I'm Competitive


Now we all know what some of the biggest stressors are in life, right?

So, let's see:

Pregnant - check
Moving - check
Jobless - check
Loved ones dying - check
OH! And HOUSE FLOODING (again? yes! again!)- CHECK!

So, you know, if you think you're stressed, well, I've got you beat this time!!!

That's me. I'm a winner.

(laugh and laugh with me, I promise. It's just too absurd to be reality....)


Naw. I've got you beat, Mara. I've got a migraine, three statistics homework assignments due this week, a test in psychopharmacology, a dying parent, am jobless, and my sister's pregnant! Oi.
Take care of yourself (and a naproxin):)

dear Mara, can you send me ( an email so that I have your address. I just want to write something but not here.

much love,

Actually, Mensch, as a migraine isn't a 'top stressor' I didn't include it, but I had one last night (HMM - wonder why?). Good luck on your test.

Nadia, I'll send you that email :-)

(oh, and no Aleve for the pregnant girl!)

Right, no Aleve, but a soothing warm bath or a massage and then a soaking hot bath. And Mensch, you just need a passionate review in each subject. It requires 4 hours per subject and constant attnetion with something hot to drink(cocoa, or tea, or coffee). Good luck to all who are in stress right now. SORRY about that flood thing. Somebody's pipes break overhead?

Clearly, the universe is telling you it is time to come home. We haven't had a flood in over 20 years. And we are getting new furnace.

No, Maman, sadly it is our pipes - specifically our bath tub! (so much for the warm bath idea - for the moment anyway) For right now, we're showering at another flat (or, actually, just not showering, as the case may be).

The Universe often speaks through the pipes.

Not to be a busy-body, *but* we learned in my maternal and child health epidemiology class that pregnant women aren't actually supposed to take hot baths or go in hot tubs, because it can raise your body temperature too high. Lukewarm bath, anyone? Sorry... :(

No worries, Amelia. I ain't taken a bath here any time soon. And I know - not over 100 degrees or something like that. :-)

Also, about your mother - I'll probably be gone. I'm leaving on the 12th or 13th of November. Mark's here another 2 or 3 weeks after that, though. He'll keep an eye out for her!

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