There's a hairdresser here that some of us have followed for a while as he graduated, started at a salon, etc. He's now currently salon-less, but he'll come to our place and use it as a salon if we organize a few friends together for cuts, dye, etc. So yesterday, one of our friends did just that.

We all went over to her place for our appointments, chatted and goofed around. Mark and I stuck around for a while as sometimes if we left that would have left the hairdresser alone in the flat with just one woman. And we got hungry. So we raided the kitchen. We first ate chips (I know, nutritious, hello!). Anyway, the bags each had a tattoo in them!

So yesterday, Mark and I got haircuts and tattoos. Mark has a cobra which we put on the nape of his neck. He thinks it's very cool. I have a rose on my wrist- THAT GLOWS IN THE DARK. Yes. I think mine is cooler.


But I want pictures!

No sister of mine has a tattoo! She's dead...
Yeah, I agree with maman, I want to see some pictures, especially the glowing in the dark part.

Hey, don't talk like that. Your mother has tatoos!

Yeah, like where the sun don't shine!!!!

Ha Ha Ha! On her tummy where the surgery was done! GOTCHA! my bad.....

I've always wanted a tattoo- but you know- fear of needles!
Maybe someday . . .

Ah, Roi... this post made feel back to Haifa again... :) I can almost feel the excitement of the whole thing. :)))


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