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Every morning and night now, when I say my prayers, I put my hand on my belly. This way I feel like I'm including my baby - we're praying together. Sometimes, I will start with a children's prayer and then move on to other prayers more focused on me. That's what I did last night.

I was in the middle of my 'infants' prayer and I feel POKE, Poke, poke ... getting softer until it stopped. It was sooooo amazing. I wanted to wake the house up to tell everyone (aren't you glad I didn't? heheheh). I moved on to another prayer and POKE again, then it stopped. Now, today it's like I'm feeling the baby all day long. It's different from the poking of last night, but now that I've felt the baby I can tell what is the baby.


That is amazing. Magical...it is the one thing I am so curious about...what.that.feels.like. WOW. :-) Thank you for sharing.

Poke, POKE, poke....

Hmmm... I've been saying prayers for the little one in the Shrines-- so if you feel him/her poking at some random time-- blame Bahji.

Hmmm...how much time were you spending in Bahji on Friday? (erg)

It's an amazing feeling isn't it? When I was pregnant with Petunia, I was always wondering...is that it? Is that it? And then when it happened for real, it was SO obvious and I just knew exactly what it was.

Wait until you're about 8 months along and you're sitting in front of a group of people and your belly starts visibly dancing in front of them. It's funny and can be a little disconcerting.

How amazing!!! it must be to the most incredible feeling... I know i love it when someone else's baby is moving and iget to feel it from teh outside, i cant imagine how wonderful it must be to feel it from inside you!

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