Having a Grandchild


That's how my mother puts it anyway - that she's "having a grandchild" (might as well skip the 'middle(wo)man', no?).

For those of you who have requested photos of my pregnant belly, my Maman has posted photos. I leave it to you decide whether I actually have one yet or not....


Hey Mara,
You're looking so well... can you send me your email address? the only one I have is your BWC one? thank you!

Mara sweetie! You look ABSOLUTELY beautiful and you already have the motherly glow :) Can't wait to see when your tummy grows even bigger!

aaww you look beautiful! lurve your sweater to bits and pieces. but .... ummm i'm still looking for that magnifying glass to decide if any "roundness" is taking place yet :)

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