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Okay, I don't put particular stock in horoscopes, but they're fun to read.

Today, mine was: "When condensed into story form, today's events are downright funny. Get your facts straight so that later, around the dinner table, you can sufficiently distort them." (I guess you're my dinner table)

I groaned when I read that, considering I had decided to apply for Medicaid today. This meant I had to go to a government office today. Groan.

And still I went. I grabbed a book, a banana, dropped my mother off at work and headed over to the "Department of Jobs and Family Services". I expected agony, pain, torture and disappointment. You know, the usual when encountering government bureaucracy.

Nothing. I walked in, turned in the application and walked out. No lines. NONE. Not one! They even copied documents for me so that I didn't have to hand over originals. They assigned me a case worker, and I even have her name and phone number.

I was almost sort of disappointed by the experience - or total lack thereof. Bizzaro-world. (and what a massive, massive relief that it is over!)

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That is GREAT. We're doing a case study on Medicaid right now in WA, and the consensus seems to be that it's a huge pain in the keister to get it--and on top of that, you have to reapply every year!--so much so that people are not even bothering to apply for it. So good on Ohio for making it easy for you!

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