I started walking today, being the good pregnant woman that I am. I'm back in the house I grew up in (from age 2 onward), so I thought I'd share with you what it looks like - in autumn - where I am from.

This first photo is my parents' house (re-sided and roofed by my father). Check out the beautiful maple tree that has yet to lose its yellow leaves.

I believe all of my siblings and I were newspaper carriers for the street at one time or another (Rae, were you?). My parents still get the newspaper.

I delivered the papers - from age 8 to 12 - on this side of the street. I must have been a sight to behold, being the little wisp of a girl that I was, with the big brown carrier bag slung around me, hanging almost to my knees.

This side of the street is also in another city, which means we didn't go to school with the kids living across the street from us.

This side - note the recurrent yellow-leaved maple tree - is our side of the street. My brother and I had split the paper route, so he had this side of the street while I did the other. It's the fire hydrant side of the street, so don't park on our side of the street!

As you look down the street, you can see it is lined with (bare) trees. It is lovely to walk down in the spring and summer with all the trees in bloom. I used to zig-zag down it as I delivered newspapers to stay in the shade as much as possible. You can see almost to the end of the street (in the other street shot). There's just one little final bend at the end before the street ends in Lake Erie. I always loved the end of my route, with the houses on the lake. I would finish my final papers and just stand in their yard for a few minutes looking out at the lake - usually trying to see Canada, even though my dad told me it was not possible with the human eye (not that I'm stubborn or anything!).

Finally, for those of you from more tropical climes (say...Brazil?). Here's what I wore out for my walk this morning:
Fortunately for me, it is one of the warmer, sunny November days. It's only getting colder from here. Our thermometer, which is in the sun, says it's all the way up to 50F/10C - and that's warm! :-)


What a great set of pictures! Reminds me of home ... I wonder if the Maple will have lost its leaves by the time I see it.... if it stays at around 50F, that would just be a bonus!!! See you soon!

It's so nice to see pictures of your house and Mentor! I want the cold weather! I've never been in the US in November with sunshine...I miss the east coast and the falling leaves...and the colors.

When do we see pictures of you? I want to see how pregnant you are!!!

Big hugs! :-) (wish I could see you soon too....)

Show us photos of your tummy!!

Okay, okay. Go to my blog for photos.

I delivered to Tioga- which put Bondi's conveniently on my route! Also- that roof was put on by Poppa and Me:) Shake and Bake- and I helped!

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