The Beauty of Leaving


Tomorrow evening I leave the Baha'i World Centre, and with it Israel.

I had no idea it would be such a beautiful experience. I want you to understand there is no sarcasm in this statement. It may have a little to do with the fact that I'm in the second trimester of my pregnancy now, but that's okay, I'll ride this happy, ethereal, at-peace wave.

My last visits with friends, co-workers, and above all, the sacred places I have had the immense privilege to enjoy endlessly for the past 3 years. All of this, in such a condensed, concentrated form brings me indescribable joy. I thought I would be sad to leave, but how could I be when I am receiving confirmation after confirmation of all this love in the world that surrounds me? Furthermore, I am going home to be with family; family that I miss immensely. I hope that I can bring a little bit of this love with me to them.

On Thursday, we met with the Universal House of Justice. That's right. Me, Mark, and the Universal House of Justice. In its council chambers. (this is like meeting the Pope for some - it is the supreme governing institution of the Baha'i Faith) Now that experience is beyond indescribable - this body thanking us for our services - so I will simply have to leave it at that for you.

And go to my last visit to Bahji, which houses both the Shrine of Baha'u'llah and His Mansion - both of which I get the ineffable pleasure of visiting this afternoon.


Mara! My goodness. You're leaving. You met with the House of Justice. Your last visit to the Shrines. I am going to bed now, and you're probably getting ready to leave for Bahji. I am going to pray for you and Mark and the baby, and for your safe journey. My love to you in your last light-filled moments in the Holy Land...bisous tres affectueux....

Dear Mara and Mark,

I have just stumbled on to your blog. What wonderful news that you and Mark are soon to have a baby. We look forward to keeping up with your adventures on the blog. Noel and I send you both our warmest love at this time. It is hard for us to believe that you two are also in the process of leaving Haifa. We remember what it was like leaving the BWC at the end of May. We are still in denial even though we have some of our family close by as well as lots of wonderful friends. We have been in Launceston, Tasmania now for just 8 weeks. Our 3 months of travel was a wonderful time of meeting friends and exploring various parts of our amazing planet. I will also Bookmark Stephanie's blog and spend some time later today reading her postings. We still do not have our things from Haifa but we hope to have them by the end of November. We are missing all our stuff especially the books and CDs. We are managing to share a laptop for emails. Love and hugs , Edward and Noel

Noel & Edward! How super-duper nice to read you here! I'm so happy we are in touch! Yeah, I think part of me is in denial, too - it's just like another vacation (I'll be back, right?). :-)

Back to Isreal you go again in ealry May 2007--you lucky folks. I wish you well, Edward and Noel, in this your latest stay in Israel. I understand on this occasion you are returning at the end of June. You will get a taste of the normally hot June in Israel but miss most of their hot summer in Jult and August and be back in time for a lovely Tasmanian winter. Peter Cundall says we are in for a really wet one. Memories: I think I first ran into you both in Janaury 1974! Goodness, how time flies--and our lives. Take care.-Ron

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