Thing Not To Do # 496


Just in case you didn't know, as I appear not to have known, I thought I'd enlighten you:

Do NOT ram your finger up your nose in the shower (I'm not talking picking your nose, I'm talking jamming it as if you're preparing yourself for mummification). A bloody nose in the shower is ... awkward.

And then having the bloody nose come back as you're standing at the voting booth, and again in your parent's office, well, you know, it can be a sort of a bummer - especially when you're wearing the only pair of pants that fit you anymore and you bleed on them.

So don't do it. Consider yourself warned.


The shower is my prefferred place to pay the Mayan gods through the nose, no clean up hassles. However, the bummer is that you started bleeding from the nose in other places and on your only pants. I'm sorry that you've had to enter the realm of awkward nose bleeds, if it helps, I've started getting migraines (helps? uh, misery loves company?).

Oh no, Mensch! I'm so sorry - not only about the migraines, but the nosebleeds. I guess our parents forgot to tell us not to ram our fingers up our nose ;-)

I went out and bought some pants today. I'm apparently in that great no-man's-land (DMZ?) where I don't fit my clothes, but I'm not gianormous so I don't fit in maternity clothes yet. Enter yoga pants. At least I can wear them for maternity and beyond - and they're less expensive than maternity clothes. Extra bonus: they're fleece-lined, so my Haifa-adjusted body will not freeze to death in Northeast Ohio!

I've gotten so many nosebleeds in my life that it's quite rare for me to...uh..."spill"...I don't think I've gotten any on my clothing in a long time.

What's funny is that as I was reading I was thinking: "Hmm...Mara's gained weight?" and until I read the comment I totally didn't even think it was because you're pregnant! "Oh yeah, those two DO go together!"

my experience with pregnancy is that you don't even have to ram your finger up your nose for the bleeding to commence... and it will always happen at the most akward, innapproprite moments :D let the fun begin!

(oh, and p.s.-- i've found that yoga pants, especially the ones with the roll-down waistband thingy, have worked throughout my pregnancy, even now in the final stretch... maternity pants are nice for about a month of the pregnancy, otherwise they're too big, too tight, or tend to slide down your belly... yoga pants rock! :) )

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