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Last night, our family went out to see Stranger Than Fiction together. We all really enjoyed it - from age 22 to 58 (ok, I'm not sure everyone stayed awake thru the whole thing, but what was seen was enjoyed).

On the way out, I stopped in the ladies' room. Two cinema employees were in the stalls next to me. As one young women stepped out of her stall, she must have checked herself out in the mirror because the next thing she uttered was, "I have Texas hair." I immediately thought of you, Mel, and then she followed up with what really made it funny, "My head is three times bigger than it should be."

Oh, p.s.: I (we) went to my first midwife appointment this side of the Atlantic this morning. I'm so happy I'm going to be giving birth with this practice. The midwife was awesome. Not only was she professionally capable, but she grew up in Evanston (which is where the Baha'i house of worship is in the US), has hosted midwives from Israel and totally included Mark in the meeting. She also informed us that I could even do a water birth at the hosptial, which I think is pretty cool. It is such a relief to know I like the people who will be with me during the labor and delivery!


Mara, I'm so happy to hear that your appointment went so well this morning. Yay for having such support and water birthing options, too. :) It was great to see you guys if only briefly. Hopefully we'll get a chance to see each other when we're back in January.

okay, i might be a pain, but i want to see more photos of your tummy! I dont know how fast/slow babies are supposed to grow but I want to see how you look... bawh:)

Not to worry! I will take one either tonight, or . . . tonight!

OK, it's past "tonight" and for that matter "...tonight!" ;) did you take any more pictures of that belly? I had the pleasure of seeing you "baby bump" in the flesh at Thanksgiving (and it was SO great to see you!), but I'm sure your belly is bigger now .... ;) For the first time in our lives, your tummy may be bigger than mine!

Now wait one doggone minute! I really did take the photo last night! I just didn't post it. But I did as I said. I said I would take the photo "tonight!" Now, when I get to post it is still up in the air. I have something tonight. I might remember to do this one Thursday or Friday. And I have to also remember to bring home the camera. I have it here at work so I can download the photos of the baby shower we had for one of our SMART participants.

:) Oh, all right...... I was only hounding because I misread the 'posted by' field and thought Mara was going to (somehow)take the picture herself! sorry! Stephanie, you've known me for 20 years ... are you really surprised that I missed who was to be taking the picture? :) no rush intended!!!!!!! :)

We miss you Mara!!
The chocolate ginger mint barley rooibos that Mark left us has been savored by dozens of guests at the Phelps residence since you bequeathed it to us.

Mara, I'm so glad that you will have supportive people to help you through the birth. It's so wonderful to find health care practitioners who are accommodating and open-minded. And being able to do a water birth at the hospital is just plain awesome. One request - please don't name your baby "Doula" out of gratitude to your childbirth helper. I've seen it happen.

Well, I still didn't post and probably won't tonight either. (My bad) I hope to get to it on Saturday, but if I don't, maybe I will take better pictures anyway on Sunday and post. Mara, please nag me.

:) Can't wait to see them! Hope everyone's doing well, and have a great weekend!

That's so funny, Anjali! No, no worries. We already have names and NONE of them include doula! :-)

And yes, Maman, I'll nag you.

Well, I just looked at the photos I took last Tuesday . . . and I hate them all! Sorry, you will have to wait until Mark and Mara return home tomorrow. Then, I ProMise! I will take and post better photos of The Belly.

LOL! i'm glad in instances like these that i am from Alabama! ahahaha. what a thing to say "I've got Texas hair"! good 5:30 p.m. laugh!

Mara, I'm so glad you are using a midwife. It is a much more personal and wholisitc approach to the birthing process, and as you pointed out, she included Mark, which is sooo important!

Miss you guys a lot! i mean really a lot!


The photos are up! You may now see Mara and the Belly! Go here.

Mara!!!!! I know I'm late seeing this one, but that is SO funny! We all know Texans have "a big head" about how awesome they are. That's what makes the big hair match so effortlessly with their personas. :D

Oh! Our flat LOVES, and I mean LOVES the toaster oven!!!!!!!!!!!!! I use it every day practically to melt my soy cheese on top of open-faced sandwiches (which ironically contain meat). I have bragged to so many of the boys here that we have a microwave, a toaster AND a toaster oven!

"There's nothing wrong with do dododo...except the snow and the rain...COME BACK TO TEXAS!!!!!!!"

You should have starting singing this in the stall. Hehe!

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