Mah Belly


True to her word, my mother took updated photos of my ever-expanding belly last night in order to satisfy the starving masses (you know, all two of you...).

Anyhew, feel free to check out the poser on her web site.


I know that I'm definitely one of them! (and I'm sure there are more than 2 of us!) :) I've said it before, and I know I'll say it a million times in the future, but to fill in the space between, let me say it again now. Mara, you are beautiful!

okay i can see a hint of a belly there :) you're gorgeous! :)

Sahar, you make three! Yes, it really is still just a hint. She still have almost 4 months to go. I promise, it will grow!

MAra!!! You look sooo gorgeous!! Though it's really but a hint of a belly ;-)

I heart Mara and the bean. And Mark. Remember to work the GREEN for the baby clothes are room and other fun things...since we don't know if it's a boy or girl yet, right? Whoever they are, they are cute cute cute! I will keep up the prayers for you all!!

Dear Mara,

You look fantastic in the photos - glowing, healthy, happy. I've been thinking a lot about you and Mark since you left the UK, and am forever grateful for meeting such good people.

Today's colour of socks is: dark green! In the coldest, wettest, windiest days in Glasgow those socks still make me incredibly happy...thank you!

Lots of love,


P.S.: Happy Birthday!

Dear Mara, you look fantastic!! We are thinking of you as you celebrate your happy birthday. We send you lots of love and good wishes from Tasmania

Awww, I feel all warm and fuzzy inside from all the love. Thanks, everybody!

Happy Birthday Mara! Hey, we know it's a bit overdue, but we thought of you as we arrived home late last night and crawled into bed. Hope you had a great day. :-)

Happy [belated] bday!!! Mara Noelle to you today heheheh merry xmas :) Loads of love.

Happy (super belated) birthday to you! We were at John's parents' house and I had no access to the web to say this when it was actually your birthday, but everyone here wishes you a happy day! Love you!

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