That hurt.

Mark and I just went through the stuff we've stored at his parents' place while we were in Israel. Mainly, we wanted to get out clothes that we could be wearing now. And we found the clothes we were looking for. I still remembered packing away a bunch of my clothes and shoes into one big box, so I had an idea of what I was looking for.

And, of course, it was in the last possible place to look. We excitedly went through our clothes - commenting on some rash decisions made over 3 years ago to leave behind or even bother to keep some of the items.

Then I got to the bottom of my box. That's where my shoes were. My beautiful shoes (have I somehow hidden from you that I am a lover of shoes?!).


The sandals I wore at our wedding, my gorgeous black knee-high leather Etienne Aigner boots (can you tell they are like my one beloved purchase?)...

Am I supposed to be learning some lesson here or something? (Ahem! Rhetorical question!!)


Mold happens?


Mara, I'm so sorry. Mold has eaten your boots.

I learned a nasty lesson about mold about a decade ago myself - and since then have been a huge fan of dry storage and vacuum bags.

My Marine Corps uniforms are all packed away in a dry storage facility in an artillery ammo crate in vacuum sealed bags - the kind that Gramma likes where you put a vacuum cleaner up to them and it sucks all the air out.

They'll keep that way for a long time.

I'm sorry about the loss of your shoes - and sorry for not having told you about mold. I guess I figured you must know. You've always been so much more practical than I have.

Well, you know, I do know about mold, but flooded basements happen sometimes. . . .

first off... poor shoes! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! i am feeling the pain... the separation from a pair of boots like that is acute!

it reminds me of the hurt feelings when i had to throw out my favorite pair of boots... high but not too high and thin but not too thin heel... had some hotness stiching on them... *the tears...

good lesson... plastic boxes are good for storage!

Second... check this: http://www.nafeh.com/baby/main.php?screen=home§ion=pictures&folder_selection=1&photo_folder_id=91

Cute photos, Amelia! Thanks for sharing. :-)

I had a box of shoes in the backroom at my apartment suffer from a waterheater disaster. Probably 25 pair of shoes that I didn't wear much but didn't want to get rid of "just in case" and because some of them were nearly new even if they weren't my style anymore or didn't fit right. It was sad, but of course it was a nice way to force myself to clear the clutter. Now I just wish I had donated the decent ones to a good cause while they were still usable--- I have a feeling I'm going to feel that way about a lot of things (books, clothes, & other things I "collect") when I finally have to move apartments (I've been in my current apt. over 5 years accumulating things)

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