A Wee Bit O' Snow



Now that we've got a proper winter going on here, I thought I'd share with you what it looks like out our back door. Any further and I'd actually have to go outside, which takes way too much preparation at the moment. It is currently a cheery 21F/-6C degrees outside. The wire fence and posts you see is my parents' vegetable garden.

Our shipment did arrive yesterday. The poor shipment delivery guy was from Tel Aviv - traveling in horrid driving conditions (much of the snow in the photo fell yesterday) and on one of the coldest days this winter. I think it was down to 18F/-9C.


That poor guy! I'll bet that he really misses Tel Aviv right now.

ahhh .... lake effect snow. One of the many things I do (not) miss about living in that area. Although that's one of the things that John actually loved when he lived in OH ... go figure. We haven't had any significant snow since 12/4. I only remember the exact date because that's the date we had the appraisal done on our house for the airport acquisition process (and let me tell you ... regarding the appraisal, we learned last week the true meaning of "appreciation") :). Even then, it was only about 2 inches. Maybe. I'm fine with that. In my opinion, 19 years living with that type of weather is enough to be able to excuse you, if you so desire, from sneaky lake effect snow ... forever! :) Happy snowballs!

Mara, how did you add your Links section, flickr section, and frappr section?

I just need to point out that, perhaps because I was sort of gloating that we hadn't had snow since the beginning of December (Karma? maybe), we woke up this morning to a steadily increasing coating of this horrendous white flaky substance. You know, the kind in which people forget how to drive. Don't get me wrong. I really DO like snow.....in New Hampshire when we're snow tubing, or when I can watch it from the inside of a cozy, DRY, warm living room, with a cup of coffee in my hand.

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