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You know the whole "eating for two" thing during pregnancy? Well, I understand it's not true, that a woman needs to make sure she's eating well, avoiding empty calories, etc., etc.

However, I am getting tired of eating. Seriously. I am hungry all the time. Ask my family. Going more than 30 minutes without eating can be a challenge for me. I'm not eating tons of food (large quantities increase the risk of heartburn), but I also almost never feel full. Not "oh-my-gosh-I-overate" full, just "I'm-not-hungry-because-I-just-ate" full. There are mornings that it takes me a while to get around to brushing my teeth because about the time I think to brush them, I'm hungry again.

Not gonna' kill me, but I didn't expect it to happen, either!

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I kind of noticed a bit of an increased appetite when you joined us for for breakfast when John and I came out in November. So it's gotten worse?? ;) You've always had such an insanely high metabolism ... sounds like you child may, too!

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