32 Weeks - or 7 months

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It's 7 months today.

Hopefully, I have 2 months left. There's always something to worry over. You know - miscarriage in the first trimester, diabetes in the second (ok, ok, I wasn't super worried about much of anything in the second trimester), and now premature labor in the third.

So, even though the baby is using me as boxing practice, I'm happy for every day the baby gets to develop its lungs, put on fat and grow fingernails.

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I had a friend who delivered at 33 or 34 weeks and, yes, you do not want that. (Of course, her baby now is now nineteen months old and beautiful, healthy and strong.) Hoping you don't have any big news until at least late April.

not long to go now, yaaay!! try not to worry yourself out too much--as long as you're taking care of yourself and baby it's the best you can do. when i was 7 months the war had started so i was especially worried about surviving it mentally and physically in one piece with baby; i just had to pray, take care of ourselves, and put my faith and trust in God. xxoo.

Well, Sieni, thanks for putting everything back into perspective for me. I thought about you so much during the war. I 'missed' it as we just happened to have gone on vacation a week before.

Hey Mara and Mark! I am so happy to hear that Baby Fojas is almost ready to make a debut! I am praying for everyone's health and happiness, and do very much hope that I will be able to make a trip to see you three when I return to the States in June/July! Love you and miss you!

MAra!! Wonderful to hear about Fojas Baby eeheh :) I like the 'boxing' part, especially w/ Ayyam-i-Ha [happy Ayyam-i-Ha, by the way :)] adn i'm eager to see photos of the baby once she'he's here. Mwwwaaaah!! Your 'crazy brazilian' friend :)

Mara! I was so happy when I heard the big and good news! Don't worry, everything will be alright. I was in this state too :)

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