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I follow a blog (Baby Central) that gives me a weekly estimate of what to expect in the baby's development and my own bodily changes (thank you, Sieni). At the end of the description, it has a suggested 'activity of the week'. Some just make me laugh. One week it told me to buy a piece of jewelry with my child's birthstone. That being diamond, well, I just laughed. Another week told me to take my rings off, since some women's fingers swell. My fingers have actually shrunk, so I just moved them to other fingers....

Anyhew, this week's suggestion (at 31 weeks?) was to pack my bag for the hospital. I'm not quite convinced I need to do that just yet, but it did bring back memories. When we were living in Columbus, I went to the hospital with Amina and Whitney for the birth of their first child. I hung out in the waiting room with Amina's parents. I feel so honored to have been there, and to be involved in the little ways that I could contribute. I recorded Amina's parents talking about their anticipation and love for this soon-to-be-born first grandchild. I went on runs to the hot dog vendor. I recorded it when the midwife & Whitney came out with the happy news. My favorite part, though, was calling everyone on the list that Amina & Whitney had prepared ahead of time to inform them of the happy news. Not only because it gave me a glimpse into A & W's circle of loving family and friends, but it allowed the rest of the family to be completely focused and present upon the arrival of Elijah.

Anyone have any ideas/stories on things they appreciated having at the hospital or wished they'd had?


Don't go buying any birthstones yet. You may have a baby who's three weeks early or two weeks late and then, whoops! Time to trade the diamond for an aquamarine or an emerald.

Bring good music. And if you plan to get an epidural, bring magazines to read. Eat before you go, because they may not let you eat while you're in labor.

Also, bring good nursing bras and lanolin. LOTS of lanolin. It's easy to think about packing for the birth. But don't forget that you're also packing for the first two or three days of motherhood, including your first few breastfeeding sessions.

And also, bring two different kinds of maternity pants - one from your second trimester and one from your third. You may be lucky enough to fit in the smaller pair, but if not and you don't have any other options, you will be wearing home the pants you came in wearing - like me.

Thanks for the advice, Merseydotes! And no worries on the birthstone front. 1) I don't like the 'wear-your-child's-birthstone' thing and 2) about the most I can afford right now would be jewel-toned diapers.

what i wished i had at the hosptial? uh, a hair brush actually... since we were planning on birthing at home, we didn't pack any sort of hospital bag, so i was there without any personal items... and when i got home i realized i had a knot (more like a huge dreadlock) the size of a fist at the back of my head! i feared i would have to cut it out, it was that tangled...

and (sorry to put this on a public blog- i'm not shy about this stuff and hopefully you aren't) bring nipple cream and start using it right away, even before they get sore from nursing. i waited til they were sore and it was so painful for a couple weeks...

and if you're going to get in the tub for labor, mark should bring some trunks, unless he's really really not shy about public nudity! it's nice to have someone in there with you :)

About a week before Shiori was born, one of the ladies gave me a little zippy bag with some rose scented soap, shower gel, body cream and hand cream. Since I only started packing my bag when the labour really kicked in, I didn't really think too much about what to take. Since the bag was lying around I just threw it into my backpack between contactions. It turned out to be the best thing. About half an hour after Shiori was born I was able to go for a shower. It was quite painful to do anything still, but those soaps made me feel so lovely. My body felt so beaten up, but there was something about the luxury of washing with these lovely rose soaps that made me feel so good. The added bonus is that ever since, the scent of rose will always remind me of the sweetest day of my life. I almost get teary smelling roses as it reminds me of the first time I held Shiori. So....take something along that makes you feel lovely!!! :) Good luck, we're thinking of you so much! love amelia

oh wow.. no, i'm not giving suggestions on pre/post birth stuff, no experience but would like to add my part.
I cant find the right word to add to it... but i do hope you understand. its probably a mix of excitement and an emotional high that could lead to teary eyed person or a person jumping up and down the hall.. not that i'm at that stage, but it does defintaly have that energy to it. Exciting to see the experiences that you are going through and the great bits that the other mommies have to give.

its so hard to believe. i would have to pinch myself if i saw you in person.

oh, wanted to mention, your mum looks fabulous in the other picture she seems so perfectly healthy. Please convery our love to her and Mark.
all the best my dear.

p.s: my blog is upset with me for some reason. since the last time i updated it, i cant log in, the page just wont turn up. I did read your comments though and agree with you :) its been freezing out here and looking back 35F seems like spring to me now. ;)

pads. lots of them. the hospital will usually have these stocked but it's nice if you take ones that you're comfortable with, and i mean the diaper kind!

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