Farewell & Ayyam'i'Ha

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Last night we got together with my father's family to say good-bye to my Aunt Suellen, who heads back to Argentina tomorrow (she's standing in the center).


Then, today we decorated for Ayyam'i'Ha! My mother has developed several themes, which I suspect you'll be able to devine. First, the dining room:


Then the fireplace mantle:


Here are some close ups to further aid you.

Left side:


Right side:


And finally, the front room bookcases:




In with the decorations, we found a dismembered Lego creation that Mendon made some years ago. Realizing my mother's attraction to birds, Mark revived it by reassembling it as this:


A "red-necked honey sucker". My mother wasn't impressed.

See for yourself:

And no, Mendon, this wasn't your whale. :-)

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Actually, I knew that as soon as I looked at it. After constructing the whale (which could probably benefit from an upgrade, if not a pass through the dishwasher), I tinkered with constructing a dragon. I discovered that it was really hard. It either came out looking unfortunately boxy or incredibly cool but entirely physically challenged (it just kept falling apart because it couldn't support the weight of its tail or neck). I think that the red-necked sap sucker makes a much better dragon.

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