Snowy Valentine's Day


Yesterday, the news was nothing but coverage on our "winter storm warning". Snow was falling and it was very blustery outside (i.e. couldn't see much o' anything). It took my mother over an hour to get home from work - 7 miles away. They were predicting 8-16 inches of new snowfall over night. Well, we got all of it, if not more. We had to push snow out of the way just to get the door open. It looks beautiful and my mommy doesn't have to go to work today!

Here's my father, after having shovelled for about 2 hours. Those mounds of snow? They're much closer to him than they are to the camera, just to give you some perspective on how big they are.


And this is out the window. I love the snow on the window. As you can see, the entire tree trunk is buried under snow.


Fortunately, it's nice and cozy inside. We all sat around and had our morning tea together.

P.S. This past weekend, Mark and I went to his nephew's 1st birthday party (a big event in Korean culture). You can see some lovely photos of what this entailed at his Flickr site. The food on the table has significance, though, umm, I don't remember what.


Tell the rest of the story. The food on the table was off limits, for show only. All the 'real' food (meant to be eaten) was in the kitchen. Not knowing the custom, Mara reached for something on the table and got shooed. But the cake did eventually get eaten.

And the snow, folks? It's still coming down! Steady small flakes. The cold kind. And the wind blows.

Yuk! Again --- oh I so "love" snow. My uncle Mark (June's husband if you didn't know) called me last night while we were at the in-laws' for dinner to tell us that it was coming down 2" per hour. That was at around 6:30 -- they live in P'vll Twp. We only got about an inch as of this morning. Now we're being treated to sleet and freezing rain. Oh, I just CAN'T WAIT till rush hour this afternoon. Please note... I am driving John's big strong safe truck, which translates to a Ford Ranger that is.... rear wheel drive. Yay. And, though I only work 2 miles from our house, 2 of the 3 roads that I travel to get there are historically ignored by those friendly salt/sand trucks, and also go over a (small railroad track) bridge that promises to be slippery as you-know-what. Ahhhh... I love winter. >:( Be safe, everyone!

Maman! You raised me better than that. I didn't get shooed, but others did. (you know, like a certain 3 1/2 year old) :-)

Thank you for giving me the credit for your good behavior. I guess I got the story wrong. (And you did eat on of the pineapples!)

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